Our mission is to provide quality referral procedures in your own practice. 
Our goal is for you to keep your clients in-house, grow your practice, and stay in control of your patients care.

Don't send your patients to someone else!  Let us come to them!

Precision Surgical Service, based in Mena, Arkansas, is proud to bring outstanding surgical options to your veterinary clinic.  Procedures that you have previously referred to an outside provider can now be scheduled in-house. We offer a wide variety of procedures including soft tissue and orthopedic. 

Precision Surgical Service allows continuity of care for your patient and convenience for your client.  We offer a flat fee schedule for all our procedures and provide all our own equipment and staff.  You provide surgical supplies, room, anesthesia, medications, radiographs and any additional fees for the procedure.  You will generate revenue from billing the client for these items, as well as the cost for the surgery less our flat surgical fee.

Services We Offer:

Laser Surgeries:
  • Soft Palate Resection
  • Stenotic Nares (Rhinoplasty)
  • Thyroidectomy
  • Anal Sacculectomy
  • Entropion / Ectropion
  • Onchyectomy (Canine & Feline)
  • Mass Removal
  • Intestinal Resection / Anastamosis
  • Aural Hematoma Repair
  • Lick Granuloma
  • Lateral Ear Canal Resection
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Patella Luxation
  • Cruciate Repairs
  • Lateral Suture
  • Tight Rope
  • Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA)
  • Long Bone Fracture repairs
  • IM Pinning
  • External Fixation
  • Hip Luxation (Toggle Pin)
  • Amputations
If you don't see a procedure listed here, and you are interested in having us do it, please contact us.  We are dedicated to continuing to grow our surgical options.

Clinical Benefits of Laser Surgery
Customers value the clinical benefits of laser surgery for veterinary care.  Laser surgery is recognized in human and veterinary medicine for its benefits to both patient and surgeon. While several types of lasers are used for different applications, the primary device for soft tissue surgery in small and mixed animal practices is a carbon dioxide laser.

Reduced Pain

The CO2 laser beam seals nerve endings as it cuts through tissue. This reduces the amount of pain the patient feels during and after surgery.

Reduced Bleeding

The CO2 laser beam cauterizes and seals small blood vessels as it cuts. This laser energy achieves hemostasis and provides the surgeon with a  bloodless surgical field in most procedures.

Reduced Swelling

There is no physical contact between the laser and the surgical region, eliminating the tearing and bruising of tissue associated with traditional surgical  methods. Lymphatic vessels are also sealed.

Reduced Infection

Laser energy acts as an antibacterial agent by producing high temperatures, effectively eliminating microorganisms.

Quicker Recovery

As a result of all of the above, laser surgery provides the benefit your clients will appreciate the most: a quicker recovery for their pet.

Why should you use our service?
As a private practice owner for 11 years we understand the struggles you face.

We would like to help you keep your clients in your hospital while allowing you to offer procedures as simple as a laser declaw or as  complicated as TTA. We would love to offer our service for the following reasons.

Revenue Stream- We charge a flat fee for our surgical time. You provide medications,  anesthesia, monitoring, radiography, and other supplies. We try to keep our fees low enough that you should be able to charge at least 100% over our fees.

Keep Clients in House- There are certainly procedures that should be referred to a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon and we will certainly tell you if we believe that is the case. There are, however, many procedures that we think could be offered right there in your

Laser Surgery without the investment- A surgical laser is an expensive piece of equipment to purchase and to maintain. You can advertise Laser Surgery without having to invest in the equipment and having to maintain a surgical laser.

Stay involved in your patient's care- We want your clients to see you as the provider of all their pets care. We want them to see you make the diagnosis, to drop them off at your practice for the procedure, and finally to see you when their animal has made a full recovery. We understand that there are always potential post-operative problems and we certainly will be there for you if these arise.

We want your patients, your clients, and ultimately you to be happy with our services. We will do whatever we need to accomplish this!

Precision Surgical Service

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